Children From Lingshed

The age of the students range from 6 to 16, many of them very young children. 

As their parents are not with them, they have to rely on a “buddy” system to take care of each others’ needs, such as washing, cleaning, preparing food and companionship.


A typical day in summer starts with waking up at 5.30am. They wash up and spend some time playing or self study. By 8am, a bell would have been rung for breakfast while afterwards, an orderly queue will form to collect packed lunches for school.

From 8.40am, groups of students will gather at the main gates waiting for the school buses to bring them to the respective schools in the area.

At around 5pm, the same buses will return the students back to the hostel. After a tea break at 5.30pm, the children will have play time for an hour. 2 hours of study follows until 8.30pm when it is time for dinner. By 10pm, the children are expected to be in bed.

All the children expressed enjoyment of their studies. To them, it is the best thing in the world to have the opportunity to attend school.

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