As a non-profit organisation, the foundation depends very much on external sponsorship in all aspects on running the residential hostel, from sponsorship of the children's education, to food, hostel maintenance and running expenses. Some of the projects of which are in need of support are:

1) Sponsorship for the Children 

Each child requires sponsorship for the years that they will study in Leh before they will be accepted in the hostel. While Geshela actively travels to Europe and Asia to raise funds, this depends wholely on the many kind sponsors to the program. Sponsorship for a child includes living expenses in the hostel and tuition fees in the schools that they study in.

2) Running Costs of the Residential Hostel

The costs of running the residential hostel are varied, including utilities and maintenance upkeep of the hostel fittings that may break down over time. Items such as cleaning equipment and materials also need to be replendished. Sponsorship for these items are greatly welcomed.

3) Winter Program

In the winter months (November to January), the children normally returns to Lingshed to live with their families, both because there is no school during this period, and also to reduce the financial load on the hostel. However, tragedy struck in 2010 when after after sending their children back to the hostel, 3 fathers lost their lives on their way trekking back to Lingshed when they were hit by an avalanche. As such, Geshela thought that it might be safer for the children to spend winter in the residential hostel. This however would require funds that are not originally catered for. Items that funds are needed include:

  • Fuel for heating
  • Teacher and staff salary (Teachers are needed for continued learning during winter)
  • Food for the children
  • Warmer clothing

4) Nutritious Food Program

Basic meals provided in the hostel are simple fare, usually consisting of rice and daal or mixed vegetables. Once a week, the children will be served a meal consisting of more nutritious foods, such as fruits and eggs. This is a continuous program that requires additional funds to sustain for the long term.

For any enquiries about the hostel, the projects or to help out in the residential hostel in any way, such as making a sponsorship, please email to:


Geshela, or a representative of the hostel will get in touch with you. Thank you!

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