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Geshe Ngawang Jangchup or "Geshela" as most of us addresses him has been working very hard to plan, build, and raise funds for the hostel since the inception of the Lingshed Area Development Foundation. He has worked tirelessly for this meaningful cause throughout the years without rest, never once daunted by the many obstacles that he had encountered along the way. During his less busy days, Geshela will also work amongst the construction workers in carrying bricks, plastering, installation of windows etc.

Besides the children, Geshela is constantly keeping a close look out for the any villagers who need help regardless of which villages they are from by sending money to the poorest, and helping those in very desperate situation.

Geshela spends the winter months of Ladakh in the relative warmer city of Bangalore. Once spring arrives and if he is not travelling to raise funds, he can be found at Choglamsar Hostel. © Lingshed Area Development Foundation 2013